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Apple's MacBook Air M1 is back on sale for $750

The laptop is now a great back-to-school option.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

This is a great moment to get a Mac laptop on a budget, particularly if you're heading back to school. Amazon has the MacBook Air M1 with 256GB of storage on sale for a record low of $750, or $249 off. That's the same price we saw on Prime Day, and applies regardless of color.

Apple's entry-level laptop is back down to its best price yet.

$684 at Amazon

The MacBook Air M1 remains our top pick for a budget Mac laptop, and not just because it's the lowest-priced option. It's a capable machine even two and a half years after launch. It's still quick, boasts a vibrant display and lasts a long while on battery. The keyboard and trackpad are among the best we've tried on any portable. It's easy to carry at 2.8lbs. And since it's fanless, you'll never be distracted by system noise while you're on a video call or finishing classwork.

This is no longer the fastest MacBook Air now that there are M2 variants, and the 15-inch M2 model is worth considering if you want more screen area. M3 versions could arrive in October. There are also viable Windows and Chrome alternatives if you're not sold on the Apple ecosystem. At this price, though, the M1 Air is a safe choice if you're happy with the performance and storage.

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