Apple's MagSafe battery pack is 24 percent off at Amazon

You can pick up the accessory for $75, which is the best price we've seen.


For those that want easy wireless charging on the go, Apple's MagSafe battery pack is a good option if you have one of the latest iPhones. But of course, like most other Apple accessories, the palm-sized battery is expensive, coming in at $99. But Amazon has the pack for the lowest price we've seen it right now — only $75, or 24 percent off its normal price. Now's a good opportunity to grab it if you've been eyeing it for a while for your own iPhone, or you need a stocking stuffer for an iPhone user in your life.

Buy MagSafe battery pack at Amazon - $75

Like all MagSafe accessories, this battery pack is designed to snap onto the back of your iPhone and it'll automatically start charging the handset once attached. It fits neatly onto the backside of even the iPhone 13 mini, so you can still easily use your phone with one hand while powering up. If you plug in the battery pack while charging your iPhone, you'll get up to 15W of power and you could get even faster charging when you pair your Lightning cable with an adapter higher than 20W. Plus, you'll be able to keep track of your phone's and the battery pack's recharge on your iPhone's lock screen.

It's pretty tempting (and often convenient) to go for Apple's own accessories, but you can often find similar, more affordable options elsewhere. While the number of MagSafe-compatible gadgets is growing, there are still only a few battery packs made by reputable brands. Anker makes two 5,000mAh magnetic power packs, a standard one and a newer MagGo model that has a built-in, foldable kickstand, so you can prop up your iPhone while charging. Belkin also makes a 10,000mAh battery that works as a magnetic charger and a portable power bank. We haven't tested any of these alternatives yet, but both Anker and Belkin have a good track record when it comes to mobile accessories — plus, all three battery packs come in between $50 and $60 each, making them even better options for those with tight budgets.

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