Apple's Vision Pro won't have access to YouTube and Spotify apps at launch

Users will have to access them from a browser, according to Bloomberg.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

When the earliest users of Apple's Vision Pro get their headsets in February, they'll find a few of the most popular entertainment apps missing from its system's app store. According to Bloomberg, Google's YouTube and Spotify don't have any plans to develop an application for visionOS, the device's platform, at the moment. A YouTube representative also told the publication that it's not going to make its iPad app available for download on the headset for now. "YouTube users will be able to use YouTube in Safari on the Vision Pro at launch," the spokesperson said. As for Spotify, a source told the publication that it doesn't intend to make its iPad app downloadable on the Vision Pro, as well.

As MacStories noted in a report listing popular apps that will be compatible with the headset at launch, apps for the iPhone and iPad will automatically show up on the device's store by default. Developers have to opt out of making their apps downloadable on the Vision Pro. It's unclear why YouTube and Spotify have chosen not to make their apps available on the headset, but they're not the only ones. Bloomberg previously reported that Netflix won't be releasing a dedicated app for the Vision Pro either. In addition, Netflix told the publication that subscribers will have to access its service from a browser on the device, which means its iPad app won't be downloadable. Based on MacStories' report, Meta' Instagram and Facebook might also be missing from the Vision Pro's app store.

These companies may have chosen to wait and see whether it's worth dedicating resources towards creating a dedicated app for the $3,500 headset. They may also be worried about having to deal with potential issues that Vision Pro users could encounter if they use the iPad versions of the apps on a device that's from a totally different category. That said, the first Vision Pro users will still have a lot of entertainment apps to choose from, including Disney+, which is giving users access to special immersive environments that can serve as backdrops for its shows.