Aptiv brings semi-autonomous tech to more affordable cars

You might not need to buy a luxury car to get advanced features.

Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Aptiv isn’t focused solely on self-driving cars — it’s also making semi-autonomous features more accessible. As Reuters reports, Aptiv has introduced a new advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that lowers the price of Level 1-3 autonomy. The technology scales cameras, LiDAR and radar to cars ranging from compacts through to giant sedans.

It also represents Aptiv’s first use of “4D” imaging radar, with twice the range of existing tech. Your cabin may get some upgrades, too, including cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar. Over-the-air updates should also improve features over time.

Aptiv said you can expect to see its latest ADAS on the road starting in 2024, although that will likely vary widely based on manufacturers and cars. Prices are uncertain, too, although CTO Glen De Vos told Reuters that it could save as much as 20 to 30 percent versus Aptiv’s earlier system. In other words, you’ll be more likely to see semi-autonomous features in a car that fits your budget.