Arlo’s latest LTE camera is cheaper and captures 1080p footage

The Go 2 is available today through Verizon.


Since 2017, Arlo has been one of the few companies to offer a security camera that can work without a WiFi connection. It’s not the only option in the marketplace, but it’s easily the best known. And at $430, it’s also the most expensive. Enter the Go 2. Not only is it more affordable than its predecessor, but it also comes with a handful of upgrades.

First, the price. Arlo plans to sell the Go 2 for $250. As for upgrades, the most notable is a 1080p camera, up from a 720p one on the first model, that features a lens with a 130-degree field of view. It also comes with a built-in spotlight, support for two-way audio and color night vision. As with its predecessor, an internal battery allows you to install the camera without the need for any wires and the weather-proof casing will protect it from the external elements.

Arlo Go 2

The Go 2 includes both WiFi and LTE connectivity, and it can use the latter as a backup if your home wireless network suffers an outage. Otherwise, it’s fully capable of running on only an LTE connection. On that note, while each Go 2 camera will come with three months of complimentary access to Arlo Secure, you need the company’s subscription to use the device. If you prefer to store footage locally, the Go 2 comes with a microSD slot. Additionally, if you ever lose the camera or someone decides to steal it, it’s possible to locate it through GPS.

Arlo envisions people using the Go 2 at construction sites and vacation homes. In other words, places where a stable WiFi connection may not be guaranteed. You can buy the Arlo Go 2 starting today through Verizon. It will come to additional carriers in 2022.

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