Arlo's Security System has a keypad you can activate with a tap of your phone

It also comes with all-in-one sensors.


Many security systems come with sensors you can attach to your home’s windows and doors to monitor for break-ins. One of the limitations of those devices is that they typically only include one monitoring function. In the long run, that’s something that can cost you extra money if you move and end up with too many of one sensor and not enough of another. Security camera maker Arlo may have an elegant solution for that problem.

At CES 2022, the company introduced a security system that includes an all-in-one multi-sensor with eight monitoring functions. It can detect motion (including door and window openings), water leaks, light and temperature changes, as well as sounds made by T3 and T4 smoke alarms. Each sensor is about an inch wide and connects to a modular hub that includes a backlit keypad and NFC connectivity so that you can use your phone to activate and disarm the system. The hub is also compatible with Arlo’s various security cameras and its Secure subscription service.

The Arlo Security System will go on sale sometime in the first half of 2022, according to a statement the company shared with The Verge. It promised to disclose more information, including details on pricing, closer to release. The company didn’t have anything to say about the Security System’s smart home integrations today, but it did announce that it will support the Matter standard moving forward. At its simplest, the promise of Matter is that you’ll be able to buy a device and use it with the voice assistant of your choice and easily connect it to your existing home network.

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