Some of Arturia’s best software is half off until December 3rd

Included in the sale is the company's Pigments suite.


It’s that time of year again where every single brand discounts its products ahead of Thanksgiving in the US. If you plan to spend money on Black Friday, why not put it toward something that will let you be creative? Enter Arturia. The company has cut the price of its software, including its handy Pigments suite, by 50 percent until December 3rd. We frequently include Artruia’s affordable synths and other products in our music gear roundup, and we’re fans of its plugins and apps.

Buy V Collection on Arturia - $249 Buy FX Collection on Arturia - $199 Buy Pigements on Arturia - $99

To start, the company has discounted both its V and FX Collections. You can get the former for $249 instead of its usual price of $499. The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plugin bundles together 24 virtual synths, including Arturia’s own Analog Lab virtual studio. The VST comes with all the same instruments that you get in the V Collection, but with the added advantage of simplified controls for those who don’t want to spend hours delving into sound design. The FX Collection, meanwhile, is currently $199, down from $399. If you want to add an extra edge to your recordings with classic studio effects, this is the way to do it.

Lastly, there’s Pigments. It’s a powerful software synth with multiple engines, effects and modulation settings. It allows you to mix virtual analog and wavetable oscillators or morph wavetables, as well as import your own sounds. It typically costs $199 but is a more affordable $99 at the moment.

One thing to note is Arturia gives you the option to divide payments for each suite up to four times. The company also offers free trials of its software.

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