A bunch of Arturia's music software is on sale for half off

Including two of our favorite programs: Analog Labs and Pigments.


If you’ve been keeping busy by making music at home, you may be happy to learn that a bunch of Arturia’s software and sound packs are on sale for 50 percent off. The discounts include some of our favorite programs: Analog Labs and Pigments, both of which are $99 in this sale.

Buy Analog Labs on Arturia - $99

Arturia has built a solid reputation on its reasonably-priced synths, keyboards and virtual studio tech (VST), and we regularly include Arturia products in our roundups of the best home music gear. So a deal on Arturia’s software would be good news any day, but these discounts could be especially useful given the current global situation.

Analog Lab is a highly regarded collection of software synths. It packs 6,500 presets, built-in effects, splits, multis and a live mode, as well as a sound store with thousands of presets from artists and genres. It’s the little brother to Collection V, with all the same instruments but fewer controls, which could be perfect for someone who wants a lot of vintage synth simulations but doesn’t want to spend hours deep driving into sound design. It usually costs $199.

Pigments is another one of our top picks. It’s a powerful, deep synth with multiple engines, sound sources, effects and modulation. You can mix virtual analog and wavetable oscillators with a sample engine, or morph wavetables, granularize samples and import your own sounds. It also typically costs $199.

If you’re not ready to spend $99 on Analog Labs or Pigments, you can divide the payments up to four times. Arturia is also offering free trials on both software until July 3rd. Be sure to check out Arturia’s other discounts, too.

Buy Pigments on Arturia - $99