Arturia's FX Collection 4 adds a Leslie rotary speaker emulator

You also get effects that you previously had to buy separately.


Arturia's effects collection just became a better value, particularly if you're looking to recreate classic sounds. The company has released an FX Collection 4 pack that adds four effects, including a brand new Rotary CLS-222 kit (above) that modernizes the Leslie rotary speaker emulator. It's best known as the sound used by guitarists like George Harrison and David Gilmour, and has also been used by jazz organists.

FX Collection 4 otherwise adds effects you previously had to buy separately, including the Dist Coldfire distortion plugin, the Korg-derived Filter MS-20 and the upgraded Rev LX-24 '80s reverb box. There are tweaks to several tools, including 40 new presets for Efx Fragments and new functionality for the Bus Force and Rev Spring-636 effects. You might also be happy to see support for NKS VS3 and Apple Silicon AAX.

There's now a total of 30 effects, including the SansAmp pedal-inspired OpAmp-21, Dist Tube-Culture (a riff on the legendary Thermionic Culture Vulture distortion unit) and the tape emulation tool Tape Mello-Fi. While this won't cover every possible need, there's a good chance you can either reproduce a familiar sound or make an ordinary instrument almost unrecognizable.

The company is offering FX Collection 4 for $399. That's not particularly expensive as far as plugin bundles go. You might not need to buy much else to complete a track. We'd add that Arturia runs frequent sales, so it's worth watching out for potential discounts.