ASUS offers free fix for Evangelion typo on motherboard

ASUS is nice, unlike those 'angels' in the anime.


Good news for hardcore Neon Genesis Evangelion fans who spent $700 (or more) on ASUS' special edition motherboard! The PC maker announced that it will be offering a free fix for the embarrassing typo — "EVANGENLION" instead of "EVANGELION" — on the ROG Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 Edition. This will come in the form of a replacement part printed with the correct spelling, so users can directly swap out the original decorative piece. To show that the company understands "the significance of this matter," it's also extending the warranty by one year, even though "the misprint is purely aesthetic and does not affect any functionality or performance."

Meanwhile, the offending typo has already disappeared from ASUS' website, but you can still spot the extra "n" in the original product shots on Amazon and Micro Center.

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