Audeze's Penrose is a $250 wireless headset for audiophile gamers

It features the brand's planar magnetic drivers.


Audeze has unveiled a wireless headset called Penrose, which features its planar magnetic driver technology and was designed with both console and PC gaming in mind. Even better, it’s now available for pre-order and is only $249 for a limited time — not exactly cheap, but not something that would make a huge dent in your budget like other more expensive planar magnetic headphones.

The premium audio manufacturer’s planar magnetic drivers enable its devices to produce more natural sounds with low distortion, thanks to their lightning fast responses and ultra-light and thin diaphragms. The Penrose is Audeze’s latest addition to a growing family of gaming headsets, including the Mobius, which is the first planar magnetic headset for gamers. Mobius blew us away when we tested it back in 2018, and while it’s still more affordable than similar headsets, it costs $100 more than the Penrose.

The Penrose will come in two variants: one that’ll work with the PS4, the PS5 and Windows and Mac computers, and another that’ll support the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X and Windows desktops. You’ll have to plug in its accompanying USB dongle to use it with a console, but it can also connect to mobile devices that support SBC and AAC codecs using Bluetooth 5.0.

In addition to having the brand’s planar magnetic drivers, Penrose also has a broadcast quality microphone and a 2.4 GHz low-latency lossless wireless connection. It’s now up for pre-order from its official page, as well as from participating international distributors, and it’s scheduled to start shipping in early September. Take note that only the first 1,000 buyers can take advantage of its special pricing and that the headset will retail for $299.

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