August's 4th-gen WiFi smart lock drops back down to $180 at Amazon

That's the best price we've seen in months.


While it can be tricky to find the right smart lock for your door, August's WiFi smart lock is one of the most versatile out there since it fits over most regular deadbolts. Its easy installation process is one of the reasons why we gave it a score of 80 when we first reviewed it, but we also knocked it for its higher price tag. But now you can grab the capable smart lock for $50 less at Amazon while it's down to a record low of $180. It hasn't gone on sale like this in months, so now's the time to buy one if you've been eyeing it for a while.

Buy August WiFi smart lock (4th gen) at Amazon - $180

August didn't mess with the good stuff when updating its WiFi smart lock. The fourth-generation device is smaller than the previous and it doesn't require a bridge thanks to its WiFi connectivity. Like most smart home devices, you'll follow a few setup videos in the companion mobile app to set the lock up, and during that process you'll have to turn on two-factor authentication. It's a necessary step and we were glad to see it as that extra layer of security is important for all connected devices — especially those that lock and unlock your home. And on top of that, the WiFi smart lock also has Bluetooth encryption plus AES 128-bit and TLS encryption.

After setting it up, August's device can be controlled from its companion app, allowing you to remotely lock and unlock your door. This lets you easily let friends and family members in when you're not home, and its Auto-Lock feature can detect when you've shut the door and automatically secure it. And your old-school keys aren't suddenly useless either — you can still use them with the WiFi smart lock installed, so if you ever forget to replace the lock's dual CR123 batteries, you can still get into your home. Before you decide to buy, check out August's support page to double check that your deadbolt is compatible with the smart lock.

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