Backbone made a PlayStation version of its excellent iPhone controller

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition is available today for $99.


It’s no secret that the Backbone One is one of the best mobile gaming controllers you can buy. So it should come as no surprise then that the company is partnering with Sony to release a PlayStation version of its accessory for iPhones. The new Backbone One - PlayStation Edition features the same two-tone white and black design as a standard DualSense controller.

The layout of the controller hasn’t changed. As before, there are dedicated buttons for launching the Backbone app and capturing gameplay footage. It also retains the asymmetrical stick layout of the standard model. On the bottom of the device, you’ll find a Lightning port passthrough and a headphone jack for connecting a pair of wired headphones to your iPhone.

Render of the Backbone One PlayStation Edition without an iPhone attached.

Most of the more notable changes Backbone has made for PlayStation fans come courtesy of tweaks to the Backbone companion app, which will be available to all Backbone One owners. A new standalone mode allows you to use the software without first connecting the controller to your iPhone. Effectively, that makes it easier to look for new games to try and chat with friends in between play sessions. Backbone is also adding new PlayStation-specific integrations, including a dedicated row highlighting new releases and updates from Sony.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition is available today from the Backbone website for $99. Like the standard model, it comes with a one-year free trial to Backbone+, which in turn comes with free trials to Discord Nitro, Stadia Pro and, most notably, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. An Android version of the controller will arrive in the fall.

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