'Battlefield 2042' is getting a cleaner UI and a ton of bug fixes

EA is rushing to make the Battlefield experience better.


Since it launched last month, Battlefield 2042 has gained a reputation for being a buggy mess, instead of a return to form for the long-running shooter franchise. So it's not too surprising to see EA rush out with a slew of post-launch fixes — let those problems fester too long, and they risk losing dedicated players to Call of Duty and Halo Infinite. With its third update, which arrives on December 2nd, Battlefield 2042 will get over 150 bug fixes, including some major UI improvements.

For instance, you'll be able to more easily see the difference between friends and foes, identify people nearby who you can revive (and vice versa), and also see who needs ammo or health. It'll also take less clicks to prepare your loadout and Plus Menu, and EA has made it easier to determine which attachments you're using. Those aren't groundbreaking changes, to be clear, but they should make the BF 2042 experience smoother when you're in the heat of battle.

As for other fixes, the new update should make matchmaking more reliable (especially when it comes to crossplay between platforms); make it easier to tell when enemies are firing at you; and menus should be a lot smoother. Looking ahead, EA says next week it'll start launching Weekly Missions, which will give you XP as you complete them. You know, like very other shooter these days. You can expect to see a cosmetic reward if you plow through all of your challenges.