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Apple's Beats Fit Pro earbuds are back on sale for $160

The Studio Buds are also down to a low price.

Billy Steele/Engadget

Now's a good time to buy if you're still hoping to gift true wireless earbuds this holiday. As part of a larger sale on Beats earbuds, Amazon is offering the Beats Fit Pro for just $160, or $40 off. That's as good as the Black Friday price, and the buds will arrive before Christmas if you order quickly. You'll find a comparable discount for bundles with AppleCare+ or an $25 Amazon gift card.

Beats' fitness-friendly wireless earbuds are down to their Black Friday price, and a great value if you don't care for AirPods.
$160 at Amazon

The wider sale also sees black, red and white variants of the Beats Studio Buds drop to $90, or a whopping $60 below the usual price. You can expect at least some savings for other Studio Buds colors, the PowerBeats Pro and the Beats Fit Pro's Kim Kardashian variants.

In some ways, the Beats Fit Pro remain the best kept secret of Apple's earbud lineup. They offer a comfortable fit, balanced-yet-strong bass, workout-ready water resistance and active noise cancellation at a lower price than some AirPods models. Throw in a healthy six-hour battery life and a choice of colors and these may be the best balance between capability and price.

There are a few catches worth noting. While the Beats Fit Pro are more Android-friendly than AirPods, they're still optimized for Apple devices. There's no wireless charging, and some users might accidentally push buttons on occasion. You'll want the second-generation AirPods Pro for the best in-ear audio Apple has to offer. At $160, though, the Beats represent better value for money.

Buy Beats Studio Buds at Amazon - $90

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