Beats Fit Pro are on sale for $180 right now

AirPods Pro and Studio Buds also have steep discounts.

Billy Steele/Engadget

It's an ideal moment to buy wireless earbuds for those springtime walks and workouts. Amazon has put the Beats Fit Pro on sale for $180, or $20 off — a good value when the store previously offered a gift card in lieu of a discount. You can also buy the Beats Studio Buds for $100 (down from $150) if you're more interested in a lower price than an abundance of features, and the Apple-branded AirPods Pro are currently discounted to $175 (normally $249).

Buy Beats Fit Pro at Amazon - $180 Buy Beats Studio Buds at Amazon - $100 Buy AirPods Pro at Amazon - $175

The Beats Fit Pro remain one of Apple's best-kept audio secrets. They offer good active noise cancellation, balanced-but-forceful bass and many of the usual Apple earbud conveniences, but in a lower-cost, potentially more comfortable design with long battery life and better Android support. And yes, you have more color choices than the typically monochromatic AirPods.

There are some compromises. You won't find a case with wireless charging, and we found that accidental button presses were occasionally an issue. There are still a few features that are reserved for Apple device owners, too. If those aren't problems, though, you'll likely be happy at this price — even when the AirPods Pro are cheaper.

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