Beats Studio Buds fall to a new low of $100 at Amazon

They're now just $100, or 50 percent off the regular price.


If you're looking for budget wireless noise-cancelling earbuds in the Apple family, don't forget about the Beats Studio Buds. They're already a good deal at $150, but now you can pick them up during Black Friday at Amazon for just $100, the lowest price we've seen yet.

Buy Beats Studio Buds at Amazon - $100

The Studio Buds scored a solid 84 score in our Engadget review and also made our list of best wireless earbuds for 2021. The small, comfortable design and IPX4 water resistance makes them great for workouts and, more importantly, they deliver good sound quality with Beats' famous punchy base. Active noise cancellation is solid as well, and they can adjust the volume based on your environment via the active gain feature.

Since the Studio Buds are Apple products, they use the company's H1 chip. That means they support Apple's Spatial Audio feature and let you easily switch between Apple devices — just as you can with a pair of AirPods. However, they're also device agnostic, so you can use the Fast Pair option to quickly set them up with your Android device. They also work with Find My Device on Android, so you can see their last known location.

The main drawbacks are a lack of wireless charging and onboard controls, but most budget wireless buds lack those features. With the deal right now, you won't find many rivals that can match its features at that $100 price point.

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