Anime classic 'Berserk' still isn't available on Netflix in the US, UK and Canada

You can only stream the fantasy series in some countries.

Kentaro Miura/OLM

So much for streaming the influential anime series Berserk on Netflix in the US, at least on day one. As PiunikaWeb and viewers have noticed, the 1997 manga-based show still isn't available on the service in key markets like the US, UK and Canada well after its December 1st release date. You can watch the saga in countries like Portugal, so it is viewable — just not where you might have expected. For now, you'll likely have to rely on a VPN with the right local servers if you're determined to watch the 25-episode program.

We've asked Netflix for comment. There's still a countdown on the official Japanese Berserk website that suggests something is coming in about five days, but this appears to relate to the "Memorial Edition" that recut the 2012 movie trilogy for TV, not the original anime production. Given that the decade-old movies have plenty of critics, you may be better off waiting for their well-received predecessor.

The classic Berserk was a dark and unflinching fantasy tale that covered the Golden Age Arc of the manga, when Guts joined up with major characters like Casca and Griffith. The title is frequently considered the best adaptation of the manga, and is said to have inspired other legendary anime releases like Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Limited regional launches certainly aren't new to Netflix. The company has a long history of international distribution for shows that are only available on a rival service in the US. However, Netflix bought worldwide streaming rights to Berserk and other well-known anime offerings as part of a deal with Nippon TV. There's theoretically nothing preventing a wider release. Barring surprises, though, you may have to settle for Netflix's many alternative movies and series if you're looking for a Japanese animation fix this winter.