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The best Black Friday deals on SSDs, microSD cards, hard drives and PC storage

Pick up devices from Samsung, SanDisk, Crucial and others for all-time-low prices.


Whether you have a ton of games saved to your console, store thousands of photos on your tablet or have years worth of documents saved to your PC, having extra storage on hand can only help you in the future. Thankfully, we typically see a bunch of great deals on SSDs, microSD cards and other storage gadgets for Black Friday, and this year is no different. Items from Samsung, Crucial and SanDisk have been discounted, many to record-low prices, making it a great time to stock up for yourself or for loved ones who have been making the most of their last few gigabytes. Here are the best storage deals we found for Black Friday 2022.

SanDisk Ultra microSD card

SanDisk Ultra microSD card

SanDisk's 256GB Ultra microSD card is down to a record low of $22 for Black Friday. This is one of the best deals on a single microSD card for the day, as it represents a 55-percent discount off the regular price. This card can be used in many different devices, including the Nintendo Switch, and it supports up to 120MB/s transfer speeds. Another great microSD card on sale from SanDisk is this Extreme 128GB model that's only $15 for Black Friday.

Buy SanDisk microSD card (256GB) at Amazon - $22Buy SanDisk Extreme microSD card (128GB) at Amazon - $15

Crucial MX500

Render of Crucial MX500 2.5-inch SATA drive

Crucial's MX500 internal drive is down to a new low of $68 for the 1TB version, and you can find discounts on the other configurations, too. We've long recommended this drive for its standard form factor, its sequential reads/write speeds of up to 560/510 MB/s and its AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It also has integrated power loss immunity, which saves all of your work even when there's a power outage.

Buy Crucial MX500 (1TB) at Amazon - $68

Samsung T7 Shield

Samsung T7 Shield rugged external SSD

The rugged Samsung T7 Shield portable SSD in 1TB is on sale for $100 for Black Friday, which matches its record-low price. We've been fans of the T7 lineup for quite some time, and the latest edition has a rubberized exterior that helps protect it from drops from almost 10 feet high. It's also IP65 water- and dust-resistant, while retaining that palm-sized, pocket-friendly design we've come to expect from the series. It supports 1,050/1,000 MB/s read/write speeds and it has Dynamic Thermal Guard to keep performance steady even when you're pushing the drive to its limits.

Buy T7 Shield (1TB) at Amazon - $100

Samsung 980 Pro

Samsung 980 Pro with heatsink

If you need a solid drive for your new PS5, Samsung's 980 Pro is a good choice. The 1TB version with an included heatsink is on sale for only $120 for Black Friday, and since it comes with that accessory, it'll be ready to go for your console out of the box. We like its read speeds of 7,000MB/s, its smart thermal control and the fact that you can maintain and customize it using Samsung's Magician software.

Buy Samsung 980 Pro (1TB) at Amazon - $120

Samsung EVO Select microSD card

Samsung EVO Select microSD card 256GB

Samsung's EVO Select microSD card in 256GB is down to $25 for Black Friday. While not a record-low price, it's close to it and a 38-percent discount. It supports transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s and it comes with a full-sized adapter, allowing you to use it with even more gadgets. It would make a good addition to your DSLR camera, Nintendo Switch or tablet.

Buy Samsung EVO Select (256GB) at Amazon - $25

Crucial P5 Plus

Crucial P5 1TB 3D NAND NVMe Internal SSD

Crucial's budget-friendly P5 Plus internal drive is down to a record low of $94. Its standard price makes it pretty affordable all the time, but it's a particularly attractive option when on sale like this. Just remember that it doesn't come with a heatsink by default, so you'll have to provide one yourself if you plan on using it with the PS5.

Buy Crucial P5 Plus (1TB) at Amazon - $94

Crucial X8

Crucial X8

Crucial's X8 portable drive in 2TB is on sale for $140, which is a record-low price. We like this drive for its compact yet durable design that's drop-, shock- and vibration-resistant, plus its read speeds of up to 1,050MB/s. It also comes with a USB-C to A and a USB-C to C cable, so you can use it with almost any device.

Buy Crucial X8 (2TB) at Amazon - $140

SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD
SanDisk / Weinberg-Clark Photography

SanDisk's 2TB Extreme portable SSD has dropped to $145 for Black Friday, which is the cheapest we've seen it. You're getting up to 1,050MB/s read and up to 1,000MB/s write speeds with this pocket-friendly drive, plus a design that's IP55 water and dust resistant, plus able to withstand drops from up to two meters. We also like that it has a carabiner loop built in so you can attach it to your bag before you head out.

Buy SanDisk Extreme SSD (2TB) at Amazon - $145

Lexar Play microSD card

Lexar Play microSD card

Lexar's Play microSD card is on sale for only $15 right now. That'll get you the 128GB model, but this card goes up to a whopping 1TB of storage, and that version is down to $136 for Black Friday. This card supports 150MB/s read speeds and comes with five years of limited product support.

Buy Lexar Play microSD card (128GB) at Amazon - $15

PNY Premier-X Class 10 microSD card (2 pack)

PNY Premier-X Class 10 microSD card (2 pack)

If you need more than one card at a good price, PNY has a two-pack of 128GB microSD cards for only $23. These cards have read speeds up to 100MB/s and they're pretty durable as they are magnet-, shock-, temperature- and waterproof.

Buy PNY microSD cards (2 pack) at Amazon - $23

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