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The best gaming accessories on a budget for 2024

PC gaming keyboards, headsets and mice that won't hurt your bottom line.


PC gaming can be an expensive hobby, at least when it comes to hardware. You want the best CPU and graphics card you can afford and, if you’ve tried to buy one of the latter over the past few years, you know how pricey that can get. After you spent a ton on building or buying a new machine, you might find you don’t have much left over for accessories like gaming headphones, keyboards, mice and more. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Manufacturers have really stepped up the budget game, building headsets, keyboards and more that offer AAA quality for under $100 — these are a few of our favorites.

Gaming headsets

I’ve had a pair of these Turtle Beach headphones for eight years now, and they still hold a place of honor among my collection of headsets. They’re comfortable and lightweight, offer solid audio both in and out, and yes, they’re super durable. They may be looking a little long in the tooth with a 3.5mm jack instead of the USB that’s becoming more standard, but that means they work with almost anything, from computers to consoles. The Recon Spark is a great starter headset for teens, as well as a good backup for more experienced gamers to keep around.

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Budget gaming doesn’t mean you have to give up the convenience of wireless. Logitech headsets are super comfortable thanks to their removable (and washable!) stretchy headbands, which come in a variety of colors and styles to match every rig. But we’re going to recommend the G535 for its freedom of movement thanks to its Lightspeed-brand wireless connectivity, as well as 40mm drivers for excellent sound clarity.

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If you’re looking for crisp audio, SteelSeries has always offered excellent clarity and volume, and the Arctis line does so at a reasonable price point. The Nova 1 is a wired gaming headset where everything feels premium, thanks to its sturdy build (I’ve dropped it twice already), its smooth, matte finish and soft, comfortable ear cups. They can block out lower sounds, but not things like a TV or crying baby, making this headset ideal for new parents, too. The adjustable mic is built-in as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

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When you’re on a budget, it’s best to use products that can pull double duty — when it comes to a gaming headset, something you can also use at work is ideal. But a lot of gaming accessories are built to look cool on stream, not professional on a video call. Enter the Logitech Zone Vibe 100, which offers a subdued design on the outside and killer features like clear, robust audio and comfortable ear cups that won’t fatigue your head during both massive in-game raids and long, boring meetings.

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Gaming keyboards

When it comes to buying a keyboard, my first recommendation is always going to be “buy a Corsair.” Corsair keyboards offer an excellent typing experience and they’re super durable. Unfortunately, they’re not the best budget option because they are rather expensive, with the cheapest ones usually going for $120. Luckily Corsair introduced the K60 RGB Pro a few years back and I’d recommend the Low Profile version for those used to typing on laptop keyboards. No, it’s not the same as a membrane keyboard – it’s lightyears better, with mechanical keys and a durable build that will last you years (and hundreds, if not thousands, of game matches).

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60 percent keyboards have exploded in popularity over the past few years, which is great news for gamers who don’t have a lot of space on their desk – or for those on a budget, as many of these decks come in under $100. For your money the best one to pick up is probably the Alloy Origins 60, whose name hints at the deck’s solid metal build. This is a keyboard that can survive being thrown in a bag, frantic typing and the occasional rage quit.

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If you’re in need of a full-size keyboard but want something with a sleek profile, look no further than the Logitech G512. It’s a solid piece of kit with almost all the keys you could want – alas, there are no media keys, but it does include a number pad. It’s a mechanical keyboard with a 1ms report rate, so no inconvenient delays in typing, and it even has a USB passthrough, meaning you can keep the cords on your desk nice and tidy by plugging them into the G512 instead of your desktop or laptop.

$100 at Logitech

Gaming mice

Going budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality or looks, and the G305 is both a high-performance and stylish mouse. I appreciate how it keeps things simple, with six programmable buttons and a sleek profile. The battery life is rated for 250 hours, though I swear based on my personal use it’s much longer, and it only needs a single AAA battery so you can swap it out in seconds and get back to gaming. If you have a headset like the G435, you can get the G305 in lilac to match, or just stick with a basic black model. If you want to save even more money and don’t mind having a wired mouse, also check out the G203 Lightspeed, which we recommended in our best gaming mice buying guide.

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Every gamer knows the pain of spilling something on their desk once or twice, whether it’s water, coffee or soda. The Aerox 3 might look like it’s headed for disaster thanks to all the holes in it. But it’s actually rated IP54, which means it can take a good splash and just keep on working (though maybe a bit sticky if you don’t wipe it down). The holes do more than just look cool, too – they make the mouse much lighter to handle (if that’s your thing), and they keep heat from building up in your palm.

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Gaming mice can get pretty crazy when it comes to features like extra buttons, which is what makes the Rival 3 Wireless such a breath of fresh air. A simple, sleek exterior keeps it from looking too intimidating or “gamer-esque,” while the five programmable buttons mean it can handle multiple genres of games, as well as your daily workload. And it’s wireless, with both a wireless receiver for a strong connection and built-in Bluetooth for use with a laptop or mobile device.

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