You can now shop for e-bikes and electric scooters at Best Buy

Starting online first and then coming to select stores in October.

Best Buy

Best Buy is jumping on the e-bike bandwagon. Starting today, you can visit the retailer’s website to purchase powered bicycles, as well as electric scooters and mopeds from brands like Unagi, Bird, Segway and SWFT. In October, Best Buy will begin stocking those same EVs in select stores across the US, including Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The company’s Geek Squad contingent will also offer a $100 service where it will come to your house to adjust the brakes, seat height and handlebars on your new whip.

It’s not surprising to see Best Buy embrace e-bikes. Nearly all forms of electric transportation have done well during the pandemic, but e-bikes, in particular, have had a moment. Last summer, sales of powered bicycles outpaced all others by a significant margin. In most cases, you’re probably best off visiting your local bike shop to see what they have on offer, but with how difficult it's been to buy a new bicycle during the pandemic, it never hurts to have another place to shop for your next ride.

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