The best deals on computer and phone accessories for Black Friday

Save on mice, chargers, flash drives and more.


Many of us tend to buy computer and phone accessories at the last minute — a charging brick when you forgot yours at home, a wireless mouse on a whim when you’re sick of using your laptop’s trackpad and the like. But investing in a few solid tech accessories can save you time and money, and they can make the experience of using your smartphone, laptop and other devices better. Whether you want new ones for yourself or you want to gift some this holiday season, there are a number of solid computer and phone accessories on sale right now for Black Friday. Check out the list below for the best deals we found, and if you need more inspiration, check out our holiday gift guide to tech stocking stuffers.

Anker PowerCore+ 26,800mAh PD Charger combo - $110.49

Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD charger

This bundle from Anker includes a 26,800mAh PD portable charger, a 60W USB-C wall charger and a USB-C cable, so it gives you basically everything you’d need to quickly charge up any new device you have. Not only will these power accessories work well with the latest iPhones and Samsung smartphones, but they’ll also work with the Nintendo Switch.

By PowerCore+ PD charger combo at Amazon - $110.49

Tile Starter Pack - $40

Tile Mate

Tile’s small trackers can help you keep track of your stuff and now you can get a starter bundle with one Tile Mate and one Tile Slim for $40, which is $10 off its normal price. The standard Tile Mate works best when clipped onto a keychain, which will help a lot if you’re constantly misplacing your car keys. The Slim’s thin, wider format is best for living inside your wallet. If you just want the Tile Mate, you can grab one of them for $18, which is 28 percent off its normal price.

Buy Tile Starter Pack at Amazon - $40 Buy Tile Mate at Amazon - $18 Buy Tile Mate at Best Buy - $18

Logitech M510 wireless mouse - $18

Logitech M510 wireless mouse

You can’t go wrong with one of Logitech’s wireless mice, and now the M510 is on sale for $18. That’s $22 off its normal price and an all-time low. This uses a USB receiver to connect to your computer, so keep in mind that you’ll need one USB-A port to use it. In addition to having a simple yet ergonomic shape, it should also last about two years on its two AA batteries. If you prefer a mouse that has Bluetooth capabilities in addition to a unifying receiver, the Logitech M720 Triathlon wireless mouse is $10 off right, bringing it down to $30.

Buy Logitech M510 at Amazon - $18 Buy Logitech M510 at Best Buy - $18

Buy Logitech M720 Triathlon at Amazon - $30 Buy Logitech M720 Triathlon at Best Buy - $30

Aukey Omnia 100W GaN USB-C charger - $32

Aukey Omnia 100W charger
Will Lipman Photography

If you want a charger that’s powerful enough for all of your USB-C devices, Aukey’s Omnia 100W charger should do the trick. It’s on sale for $32 for Black Friday, which is $14 off its normal price. It earned a spot in our holiday gift guide thanks to its compact design and use of gallium nitride technology (GaN). Not only does this GaN tech allow it to be half the size of other similar chargers, but it also helps it better handle high temperatures. That means that you won’t burn your fingers when you go to unplug it after it’s been powering your MacBook for hours.

Buy Aukey Omnia 100W charger at Amazon - $32

Belkin 15W wireless charging pad - $25

Belkin 15W wireless charging pad

This wireless charging pad from Belkin is on sale for $25, which is a record low and $15 off its normal price. It’ll work with basically any Qi-compatible device, including iPhones, Pixels and Samsung handsets. We like its non-slip coating that prevents your smartphone from sliding off, and it supports cases up to 3mm thick so you don’t even have to remove your case to charge up your phone.

Buy Belkin 15W wireless charging pad at Amazon - $25 Buy Belkin 15W wireless charging pad at Best Buy - $25

SanDisk iXpand flash drive (128GB) - $40

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go

If you need to offload some photos from your iPhone but also keep them fairly accessible, SanDisk’s iXpand flash drive is a good way to do so. This handy drive in the 128GB capacity is on sale for $40 right now, which is $20 off its normal price. It fits into the Lightning port on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to transfer photos, videos, documents and other digital stuff over to it quickly and easily. On the flip side, it has a USB-A connector so you can then move that information to your computer whenever you need to. If you like the portability of a flash drive like that but need a USB-C port instead, SanDisk’s Ultra Dual Drive in 256GB is discounted to $33 right now.

Buy iXpand flash drive (128GB) at Amazon - $40 Buy iXpand flash drive (128GB) at Best Buy - $40 Buy Ultra Dual Drive (256GB) at Amazon - $33

Samsung EVO Select microSDXC card (256GB) - $25

Samsung Select EVO microSD card

Samsung’s EVO Select microSDXC card in 256GB is down to $25 for Black Friday, which is $3 cheaper than it was during Amazon Prime Day last month. While you can find microSD cards for less, EVO is a reliable brand and we like you also get a full-sized adapter with this one. There are also discounts on the same cards in 512GB and 128GB capacities.

Buy EVO Select (256GB) at Amazon - $25

SanDisk microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch (128GB) - $20

SanDisk microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch

This is a record low price for SanDisk’s officially licensed Nintendo Switch microSD card. Do you need an officially licensed card? No — in fact, the Samsung EVO card listed above should also work just fine with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles. But some will inevitably prefer to have a card with that little mushroom logo on it, and if you or someone you love is that person, this deal should do the trick.

Buy SanDisk Nintendo Switch card at Amazon - $20

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