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The best Prime Day deals on robot vacuums we could find

Save big on robot vacuums, combo machines with mopping abilities and more this October Prime Day.


If you've been looking to buy a robot vacuum for yourself, or you know someone who would love to receive one as a gift this holiday season, the latest Amazon Prime Day sale (also known as Prime Big Deal Days) has a number of deals you'll want to check out. Big sale events like this one are a good time to shop for big-ticket items like robot vacuums, because you can usually find premium models at close to record-low prices. Affordable models aren't excluded either, so you could pick up a budget-friendly robot vacuum for even less. Here are the best robot vacuum deals we found for October Prime Day 2023.

Quick Overview

iRobot Roomba 694

Will Lipman Photography for Engadget

The Roomba 694 is a solid, affordable robot vacuum for those that need an easy to use machine that works well on hard and carpeted floors.

$199 at Amazon
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$180 at Kohl's$187 at Lowe's

iRobot's Roomba 694 has dropped to $199 for Prime Day. It's our favorite cheap robot vacuum thanks to its strong suction power, attractive design and easy to use app. It'll be a good option for robo-vac novices, or anyone that doesn't want to fuss too much with an automatic dirt sucker. It clears hard and carpeted floors well, and it automatically returns to its base once a cleaning job is finished so it can recharge.

iRobot Roomba s9+

The Roomba s9+ might be overkill for most people, but it's hard to deny how good it is at sucking up dirt and debris, and it conveniently empties its dustbin into its base after every job.

$600 at Amazon
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$790 at QVC$999 at Walmart

The premium Roomba s9+ is on sale for $600 right now, if you have Prime. It's the most expensive model that iRobot makes, and it's currently one of our favorite high-end robo-vacs. Most people don't need something this advanced, but it's hard to deny how well this machine sucks up dirt and debris, and it doesn't choke up at the first sign of pet hair either. It also comes with a self-emptying base, so when it returns after each job to recharge, it will empty its dustbin into the base — no human interaction required.

Shark 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop

Shark's 2-in-1 machine is an excellent vacuum and it comes with a water reservoir so you can mop hardwood and tile floors with it.

$400 at Amazon

Shark's 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop machine is on sale for $400 right now, which is nearly half off its regular price. If you're looking for a robot that can thoroughly vacuum and give hard floors a good scrub with water and cleaning solution, this is a good pick. As a vacuum, it has strong suction power and decent obstacle avoidance. As a mop, it uses its reservoir and attached cloth to get rid of messier grime and stains. It also comes with a self-emptying base for the vacuum only that the machine will empty its dustbin into after every vacuuming job.

Shark AI Ultra robot vacuum

Shark's robot vacuum comes with a self-cleaning base that's bagless, so you won't have to buy proprietary garbage bags for it over and over again.

$403 at Amazon
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$450 at Kohl's$600 at Wayfair

One of our favorite robot vacuums at the moment, Shark's AI Ultra is on sale for $403. It's just as easy to use and effective as a similar Roomba, but you can often find it at a notably cheaper price point. It cleans hard and carpeted floors well, and it has a bagless, self-emptying base, which is great because you will not have to continuously purchase proprietary bags over time to keep using it.

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