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The best outdoor gifts for 2023

Make their trip into the great outdoors even better with these gift ideas.

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The great outdoors can be enjoyed all year round, so we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for the backyard lounger, patio napper or woodland hiker on your list this holiday season. We even offer help with items to improve your tailgate or next beach trip. With everything from grilling gadgets to drinkware and hammocks to splash-proof speakers, there’s something for everyone – no matter how long or how often they venture outside. What’s more, you don’t have to break the bank.

BrüMate Hopsulator Trio

An excellent gift for the hophead or hopwater enthusiast in your life, the Hopsulator Trio has been a staple of my beach trips and backyard hangs for years now. The 3-in-1 system keeps 16-ounce cans cold and offers a freezable puck to keep 12-ouncers even colder. When you’re not using it for cans, the Hopsulator also works as an insulated tumbler and it comes with a lid to help you limit spills.

$30 at Amazon

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

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Any speaker you plan to take outside needs to withstand the elements, and that’s what makes the Wonderboom 3 a great gift option for almost anyone. The IP67 rating means it can battle dust, dirt and water with ease. In fact, Ultimate Ears says you can even submerge it for up to 30 minutes. 14 hours of battery life and 360-degree sound keep the party going, complete with an outdoor EQ mode to keep the audio top-notch in the great wide open.

$65 at Amazon
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$70 at Walmart$100 at Verizon

Stanley IceFlow Straw Tumbler

Stanley cups are all the rage these days, so much so that they routinely sell out. Don’t get caught empty handed this shopping season by opting for an alternative to the very popular Quencher cups. The IceFlow Straw Tumbler has a folding handle for easy carrying and a flip-down spout to keep germs and dirt off where you have to your mouth. Like other Stanley cups, IceFlow will keep your drinks cold for up to 12 hours and I regularly wake up to ice-cold water from the day before.

$35 at Amazon
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$35 at REI$35 at Tillys

Thermacell EL55

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I’ve been using Thermacell repellers for years and can confirm their effectiveness in keeping mosquitos at bay. There are several affordable models, which makes them a great gift for anyone who spends time outside – whether that’s on the porch or at a campsite. The EL55 is a rechargeable unit that uses Thermacell’s liquid pods to create a 20-foot bug-free zone. This model also has a dimmable LED light should you need it. The EL55 lasts up to nine hours on a charge or up to five and half hours with the light turned on.

$43 at Amazon

Solo Stove Ranger 2.0

Solo Stove’s smallest and most portable fire pit makes a great option for camping. Like the company’s larger models, the Ranger has a smokeless design that sends everything upward rather than in your face. The second-gen model also features a removable ash pan, so you don’t have to tip the entire thing over to remove any leftover mess the next day. Sure, you could splurge for a larger fire pit, but if the person on your list is camping with any regularity, the Ranger is your best bet.

$230 at Solo Stove

Meater+ thermometer

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If you’re shopping for an aspiring grill master, a smart thermometer that allows them to monitor both food and grill temps from their phone is a useful gift. The Meater+ is a wireless probe that keeps tabs on both the internal temperature of meat, and the ambient temperature of the grill. Meater’s app offers guidance on estimated doneness times and how long you need to rest meats before slicing them. The charger also features a Bluetooth repeater that extends range up to 165 feet.

$70 at Amazon
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$75 at Woot$70 at BBQGuys

ThermoWorks Thermapen One

While the Meater+ is great for monitoring food throughout a cook, an instant-read thermometer is handy in any kitchen – indoors or out. The best option for any culinary nerd you might be shopping for this year is the Thermapen One. Capable of readings in one second, it’s also accurate to within half a degree Fahrenheit. A brightly backlit display allows you to see clearly in the dark and the whole thing is IP67 rated, just in case you drop it in sauce or water. That display also rotates based on how you’re holding the Thermapen One, so no more awkward neck bends when checking temps of foods, liquids or baked goods.

$109 at ThermoWorks

MiiR Aero Flask

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It’s not always a great idea to take glass bottles on your outdoor activities, and it can be a pain to procure single-serving spirits before a trek. For the camper, hiker or other adventurer on your list, the Aero Flask is a great option for taking up to eight ounces of bourbon, whiskey or other spirits without the risks of a glass bottle. The attached cap means that person won’t have to worry about losing it and the tapered design feels great in the hand.

$30 at MiiR

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters

Lightweight, compact and extremely packable, this portable hammock won’t take up too much room in a backpack or backseat, and it sets up in as little as one minute. It comes with carabiners and straps for attaching to a tree or post, allowing you to have a comfy nap spot almost anywhere outdoors. Wise Owl offers both single and double versions, rated for 400 and 500 pounds respectively. The nylon hammock is also machine washable (once you remove the carabiners) and the material is rip resistant. Plus, the storage bag is built into the hammock, and once set up, it doubles as a pocket for your phone or a cup holder.

$32 at Amazon

RTIC Soft Pack Cooler

I received one of these as a gift myself, so I can vouch for how appreciated it will be. The cooler comes in 12-, 20-, 30- and 40-can capacities, with a leak-proof construction that can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours thanks to two inches of foam insulation. No matter the size, all of these RTIC coolers are easy to carry with side handles, top handle straps or a shoulder strap.

$95 at Amazon

Solo Stove Pi Prime

The Pi Prime is one of the most affordable outdoor pizza ovens you can buy, which makes it an excellent gift option for the aspiring pizza maker in your life. Featuring a similar stainless steel construction to Solo Stove’s fire pits, the Pi Prime is a gas-burning oven that churns out pizzas in as little as 90 seconds. The round, wide opening makes launching and turning pies much easier than some of the competition, and the gas burner means you can set the temp and focus on making pizzas instead of feeding the fire.

$300 at Solo Stove

Traeger Flat Top Grill Essentials

Flat top grills are having a moment, but I’m not going to suggest you buy someone one for Christmas (unless you’re VERY generous). Instead, you can equip the grill master on your list with a set of sturdy tools they’ll need to keep the smash burgers, fajitas and breakfast foods coming off at a rapid pace. This bundle from Traeger includes two well-built spatulas and a scraper for cleaning off leftover debris. There are also two squirt bottles for oils and sauces, allowing for accuracy and precision when portioning them out.

$80 at Amazon

Shibumi Shade

Shibumi Shade

I long resisted the popularity of the Shibumi Shade for beach trips, but this year I finally caved. And I now regret not buying one sooner. The two-tone beach shade is a breeze to set up and can easily be done with one person. The Shibumi uses the wind to stay up, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing away like a tent or cabana as you relax on the shoreline. It’s a great gift for any beachgoer, and one they’ll thank you for every time they see someone else’s umbrella flip inside out in a strong gust.

$270 at Shibumi Shade