Bitwig Studio's latest update adds an easy-to-use hybrid modular synth

The DAW is also on sale, if you've been waiting to try it out.


After coming out in beta earlier this year, Bitwig Studio 3.3 is now available to download. The headline feature of the new release is Polymer, a hybrid modular synth that Bitwig says makes it easy to start creating “production-worthy” sounds. All you have to do is pick an oscillator, a filter and an envelop generator, with each selection taking only a couple of mouse clicks to complete. You can also modify all your parameters through Bitwig’s nifty Grid interface.

In addition, the update adds two new modulators called Vibrato and Ramp, as well as a Wavetable module. You’ll also find a variety of workflow improvements, including a feature called free content scaling that allows you to stretch a timeline by holding the ALT key and dragging it to the right-hand boundary. As you drag, the DAW will automatically scale the timeline relative to the left-hand edge. You can also type in a percentage through the Scale command if you want more precise control.

As mentioned above, Bitwig Studio 3.3 is available to download today. The update is free if you have an active upgrade plan subscription. As you might imagine, now is a great time to check out the up-and-coming DAW given that it’s on sale until January 10th. You can get Bitwig Studio for $299, down from its usual $399 price. The 16-track version, meanwhile, is $79 at the moment instead of $99.