BMW's i Vision Dee concept digitizes the driving experience with a full-width heads-up display

The vehicle will emote at other drivers using its 'phygital' kidney-shaped front grille.


BMW is once again ready to give the world a glimpse of the futuristic tech it has in the works as part of its i Vision concept vehicle program. Following 2017's iVision Dynamics, 2018's iNext SAV, and last year's iVision Circular, the German automaker revealed at CES 2023 on Thursday the i Vision Dee ("Digital Emotional Experience"), a pared-down concept vehicle with a HUD running the full width of the front windshield.

And like the previous iVision iterations, many features from the Dee are expected to make their way into production models — specifically BMW's new NEUE KLASSE EV platform beginning in 2025. Per the company, the Dee will feature BMW's Mixed Reality Slider which leverages the company's "shy tech" sensors to control how much digital content is displayed on the heads-up display. It will slide from fully analog up four additional steps — driving-related information, to infotainment information, to AR — and (eventually) full VR. Fingers crossed that only happens after BMW masters Level 5 driver assist.

the i Vision Dee in the style of Andy Warhol

“With BMW i Vision Dee, we are showing how the car can be seamlessly integrated into your digital life and become a trusty companion. The vehicle itself becomes your portal to the digital world – with the driver always in control,” Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group Design, said in a press release. “Implemented the right way, technology will create worthwhile experiences, make you a better driver and simply bring humans and machines closer together.”

The vehicle will also greet their drivers as they approach with a "personalised welcome scenario that combines graphical elements, light and sound effects." You'll even be able to communicate directly with the vehicle through verbal commands while it will respond using its headlights and kidney-shaped grille to "form a common phygital (fusion of physical and digital) icon on a uniform surface, allowing the vehicle to produce different facial expressions," according to Wednesday's release. The Dee will reportedly be capable of conveying joy, astonishment and approval, all visually. There's no word on what happens if you manage to anger it, but it can't be good.