BMW reveals three new EVs for its summer 2023 lineup

The automaker is also updating its infotainment software.


BMW announced new EVs today as part of its summer 2023 lineup. The new models include the i4 xDrive 40 (an all-wheel-drive variant of the i4), the single-motor i7 eDrive50 and the hybrid 750e xDrive. In addition, the automaker revealed an updated infotainment operating system for some models.

The 2024 i4 xDrive40 is an all-wheel-drive, 396-horsepower variant of the popular Gran Coupe. The all-electric vehicle has dual motors that provide an estimated 307-mile range using the standard 18-inch tires (it drops to about 282 miles with optional 19-inch wheels.) In addition, the EV can accelerate from zero to 60 in 4.9 seconds. The i4 xDrive40 will start at $61,600 with an added $995 destination fee. BMW expects US-based deliveries to begin in the third quarter of 2023.

Meanwhile, the rear-wheel-drive i7 eDrive50 is powered by a single GEN5 motor, supplying 449 horsepower. BMW will announce range and performance details “closer to market launch” this fall, but we know the model will start at $105,700 (plus destination fee). Finally, the 750e xDrive combines a 308-horsepower six-cylinder internal combustion engine with a 194-horsepower electric motor. It also offers 483 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the plug-in hybrid’s purely electric range is rated at 35 miles. The 750e xDrive will start at $107,000 and the same $995 destination fee. It also launches in the US this fall.

Screenshot of BMW's updated Operating System 8.5 infotainment home screen. On the left, it includes phone controls with navigation at the right and a taskbar (with shortcuts) at the bottom.

The automaker is updating its infotainment operating system “in certain models.” BMW Operating System 8.5 gives the home screen “clearly arranged functions” designed to work better on the company’s curved display. Ridding itself of sub-menus, it uses a “zero-layer principle” that keeps all relevant controls and information on a single level, using widgets arranged vertically on the driver’s side. In addition, it includes symbols to quick-access the climate control menu, app library, navigation and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto.