Brave Pixel Fold owners can try to repair hardware issues with iFixit's help

Google is the first major manufacturer to offer a self-repair program for a foldable.

Photo by Sam Rutherford / Engadget

Brave souls who pick up Google’s Pixel Fold and eventually discover an issue with the hardware will be able to try and fix the problem themselves. Google will offer official tools, parts and self-repair guides for the foldable through iFixit.

Since last year, those willing to try and fix issues with other Pixel devices at home have been able to get the parts and knowledge they need from iFixit. Google told 9to5 Google the program will include the new foldable.

You’ll still be able to mail in a Pixel Fold for repair or take it to a shop when the foldable is out of warranty (or if you damage it accidentally). If you feel up to the task of repairing it yourself, though, you’ll be able to buy several parts from iFixit. Those include charging ports, batteries, adhesives and, yes, the 7.6-inch inner folding display. You can obtain step-by-step guides from iFixit too.

Foldables are notoriously fragile and finicky, even compared to more typical smartphones. That’s perhaps why, as 9to5 Google notes, no other major manufacturer has an official foldable self-repair program. While Samsung also offers parts and manuals for other devices through iFixit, you’ll need to let a technician handle a Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip repair — unless you really know what you’re doing and are comfortable using components sourced from elsewhere.

We’ve yet to see a Pixel Fold teardown from iFixit to get a sense of just how tough it might be to repair the device yourself. While we had positive impressions of the Pixel Fold in our review, it’s too early to tell how well Google’s first foldable will hold up over time. In any case, at least you’ll have an extra repair option if things go pear-shaped.