Brompton's Electric bike is being recalled in the US due to an acceleration bug

The software issue affects approximately 600 bikes.


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled hundreds of Brompton Electric bikes. In a posting spotted by The Verge, the agency says a software bug can cause the bike's electrical system to continue assisting its motor even if the rider isn't pedaling. According to the CSPC, the flaw can cause "fall and injury hazards." It requires a software update Brompton will provide to affected consumers for free.

The recall encompasses approximately 600 Brompton electric bikes sold in the US between June 2020 and March 2021. You can find if your bicycle needs service by inputting its serial number into a tool on the Brompton website. That information is printed on a sticker adhered to the frame. If your bike is included in the recall, you'll need to visit your local Brompton dealer, where they'll perform a software update.

Brompton claims the risk of the bug leading to an accident is "very low." So far, it has only had a single report of an incident related to the issue, and that episode didn't lead to an accident or injury. To make up for the oversight, affected customers that you can apply for a $30 voucher from Brompton. The bike's latest software also unlocks its Bluetooth LE functionality, which you'll be able to use to connect it to the upcoming Brompton Electric app, coming to iOS this spring and Android in 2022.