Watch BTS get distracted by a dancing Boston Dynamics robot dog

That's it, that's the post.


Boston Dynamics' robots can boogie. We've seen Spot and Atlas strut their stuff many times, with some videos of them in action becoming viral hits. A collaboration with K-pop phenomenon BTS should be like catnip for the internet. But while the two videos are kind of fun, they're ever-so-slightly underwhelming.

Hyundai closed its deal for a majority stake in Boston Dynamics last week. It brought in Hyundai brand ambassadors BTS to celebrate the occasion and dance with the robots. Spot cuts a rug with the group in one of the clips, but only briefly. They dance together for around 20 seconds altogether. In the other video, seven Spot robot dogs, one for each member of BTS, perform a choreographed routine to the band's "Ioniq: I'm On It" — an ode dedicated to Hyundai's EV sub-brand.

The clip that BTS appear in only racked up a couple of million views within a day or so on YouTube. The video for the group's latest single "Butter," however, was viewed 113 million times on the platform within 24 hours, setting a new record. It seems dancing robots, just like pretty much everything else on the planet right now, aren't quite as popular as BTS.