Bumble users can now match with anyone in the US

A new badge lets matches know you’re open to virtual dates.


Like most things, dating has become more difficult since the coronavirus pandemic began. Dating apps recognize this, and to make life a little easier for users, Bumble is introducing a few new virtual dating features. Users can now match with anyone in the US, regardless of their location, and every time a user adds a new Virtual Date badge to their profile, Bumble will donate one dollar to the World Health Organizations’ COVID-19 Solidarity Fund, up to $10,000.

Previously, users could only match with people in a 100-mile radius. Now, you can set your distance filter to “whole country.” Obviously, you’ll have the potential for more matches, but this could be especially useful for, say, college students who might be quarantining in one part of the country but hope to date near their campus when the COVID-19 pandemic ends -- or anyone who’s willing to begin a long-distance relationship.

Bumble's whole-country distance filter

If you’re up for dating via video chat, you can now add a Virtual Date badge to your profile. After you add the badge, you’ll be able to filter potential matches to find other people willing to date via video chat -- you’ll also be supporting the WHO’s COVID-19 fund. Bumble has also made it possible to send audio messages and respond to specific messages.

Update 4/14/2020 1:50PM ET: The story was updated to clarify that Bumble will donate one dollar for every Virtual Date badge, up to $10,000. That’s in addition to the $100,000 Bumble has already donated to the WHO fund.