Cadillac's inaugural Lyriq EV sold out of reservations in 10 minutes (updated)

Turns out there's an audience for electric Caddies.


Cadillac didn't have any problems finding buyers for its Lyriq EV once reservations opened. As Electrek learned, GM's luxury badge sold out of reservations for the Lyriq's Debut Edition in 10 minutes. The brand didn't say how many people paid the $100 fee, but it's clear there was at least some pent-up demand for the upscale electric crossover. More Debut Edition models will be available through dealers in summer 2022.

Deposits don't always translate to final sales when the fee is refundable. Some people may reserve a car only to back out when it comes time to make the final purchase. For context, though, VW took eight hours to sell a "few thousand" units of the ID.4 First Edition. The overall number might be small, but 19 minutes is extremely quick.

The sellout wasn't completely unexpected. While the Lyriq is still an expensive EV with a nearly $60,000 starting price, it promises a healthy 300-plus miles of range, 190kW fast charging and a sprawling 33-inch infotainment display. There's also a clear pattern of strong demand for EVs from familiar names. Ford, for instance, is boosting F-150 Lightning production after demand far outstripped early manufacturing targets. There's clearly an audience for EV like these, even if they're still far from dominating their combustion engine counterparts.

Update 9/19 3PM ET: In a statement, GM Vice President Rory Harvey said reservations sold out sooner than the 19 minutes we originally noted — it only took "just over" 10 minutes. We've updated the article accordingly. Harvey didn't provide reservation numbers, but it's safe to presume Cadillac and GM at large are happy with the "extraordinary" response to the Lyriq so far.