Infinity Ward disables all 'Warzone' vehicles after game-breaking bug emerges

It's unclear when the vehicles will return.

Infinity Ward

If you hop into Call of Duty: Warzone right now, you’ll notice that all of the vehicles are missing. Over the weekend, players discovered a game-breaking glitch. To fix it, Infinity Ward temporarily disabled all vehicles, Eurogamer explains.

The glitch allowed players to drive any vehicle out of bounds at a specific point on the map. A “return to combat area” warning appeared on the screen, but players could keep driving the vehicle, though they couldn’t get out or do much else. After about 30 seconds, the game would end, but not just for the player who drove out of bounds. The game would shut down for the entire lobby, which in Warzone can hold as many as 150 players at once.

Infinity Ward pulled the plug on the glitch by removing all vehicles. There’s no word yet on when the glitch will be fixed for good or when vehicles will return.