'CoD: Warzone' season five brings big map changes and a mini royale mode

'Modern Warfare' will get more maps and game types too.

Activision Blizzard/Infinity Ward

Some details about season five of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone emerged yesterday when Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward released an all-action trailer, but there’s so much more in store once you’ve installed the update. Warzone’s Verdansk map is opening up, for one thing. You’ll have access to the stadium now that the roof has been blown up, as well as a train station.

Elsewhere, there’s a train that rampages through the southwestern part of Verdansk. You can try to land on it and use it as a temporary, mobile base, at least until the collapsing circle forces you away from it.

Also new are Exterior Ascenders attached to the facades of some tall buildings. You might have encountered vertical ziplines in some structures’ elevator shafts, and these are similar except they’re on the exterior. They should get you to rooftops faster.

Call of Duty: Warzone season 5
Activision Blizzard/Infinity Ward

No prizes for guessing what the Mini Royale mode is all about. It’s a faster-paced version of the main battle royale mode with fewer players and shorter games — it includes only the typical events from the first and last five minutes of a regular battle royale match. In addition, there are weapon updates and tracks from Modern Warfare you can listen to while you’re in a vehicle. The songs unlock immediately if you buy the latest Battle Pass.

As for Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward is adding four free multiplayer maps at the start of the season, including an oil rig and the Verdansk International Airport from Warzone. The latter is a Ground War map. You can expect more game modes, missions, challenges, playlists and weapons as well.

There’ll be a few more Operators to unlock through the Battle Pass and store. A free trial of Modern Warzone multiplayer starts this Friday too, at 1PM ET, and will run until the same time next Wednesday.

Season five of Modern Warfare and Warzone will go live on August 5th, likely at 2AM ET. PlayStation 4 players can pre-load the patch, which is probably a wise idea if you’d like to play as soon as possible, given how hefty the update is yet again.

If you have the latest version of Modern Warfare and Warzone installed on your console, Activision and Infinity Ward say it’ll weigh in at 33.9GB on PS4 and 49.8GB on Xbox One. When it’s all done, the game(s) should take up less space on your console’s hard drive. On PC, the patch will be 54.2GB if you own Modern Warfare and 47.4GB if you’re a Warzone-only player.