Casetify’s ‘Evangelion’ series lets you put AirPods in the robot

You can also order iPhone cases and chargers celebrating the beloved anime.


Casetify is launching a new series of accessories for Apple devices based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. The “Project-CSTF: Protection from Impact” collection lets you drape your iPhone, AirPods or Apple Watch in cases that show off your love of the acclaimed mid-90s anime series.

The likely highlight of the series is the limited-edition AirPods Pro case based on Evangelion’s Unit-01, transforming your Apple earphones case into a purple mecha head. Although it appears too big and unwieldy to slip into a pocket, Casetify says the outer case is “for ornamental purpose and not for harsh impact, scrapes or vigorous activities.” (In other words, it’s meant more for desktop display than everyday protection.) However, it also appears to include a standard on-the-go AirPods case (including an “EVA-01” logo) that fits inside the Unit-01 head. The Test Type-01 case will be available in AirPods Pro / AirPods 2 variants and will retail for $122 — nearly half the cost of the Apple’s latest true wireless earphones.

The lineup also includes MagSafe-compatible iPhone cases featuring Evangelion mechs (and $52 MagSafe chargers styled like the series’ Umbilical Cables) along with iPhone cases displaying the pilots’ likenesses. You can even order a limited-edition $122 wireless charging dock (including the MagSafe Umbilical Cable) that looks like the anime series’ ejection stands. Finally, the series will include Apple Watch bands emblazoned with the series’ logo.

The accessories officially arrive on July 20th at midnight Pacific Time. In the meantime, you can join a waitlist to order the new products. Meanwhile, those near Tokyo can visit an outdoor exhibit from July 20th to 25th (from 11:00-19:00 Japan Time) in Shinjuku Kabukicho Cine City Square.

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