CES 2023 Day 0 recap: All the early news you missed

The show hasn't even started and companies are already making big announcements.

Richard Lai/Engadget

CES is back! For real. Sort of. While the show has never actually gone away in spirit, this year is the first time since the pandemic that Engadget has a team on the ground. The show proper kicks off on Thursday Jan 5th, but the news has already been coming hot and heavy. If we count Jan 4th as Day 1, since it’s usually the media preview day, that would make today… Day 0. Some companies couldn’t even wait and broke their news on New Year’s day, those eager beavers. From Samsung’s eye-catching display prototypes and home appliances, to a slew of chips and laptops, here’s what you missed from Day 0 of CES 2023.

Samsung beat everyone to the punch by announcing some of its news early. On Monday, the company unveiled new QD-OLED TVs that will hit up to 2,000 nits of brightness, as well as a 57-inch 8K gaming display. But most intriguing are the new wall ovens that will livestream a video feed of what you’re cooking, plus a new prototype mobile display that can both slide and fold.

CES is also a big show for chip makers like Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. This year, Intel unveiled its 13th-gen CPUs for laptops, which can offer up to 24 cores. NVIDIA had a slew of news, including the mid-range RTX 4070 Ti, which costs $800, as well as a series of RTX 4000 cards for laptops. The latter promises serious leaps in gaming performance for portable machines, with the flagship 4080 and 4090 GPUs reportedly being powerful enough to play games across three 4K monitors at 60 frames per second. NVIDIA is also expanding its GeForce Now game streaming to cars, while bringing the processing power of the RTX 4080 desktop GPU to the cloud gaming service.

These new chips are showing up in the usual plethora of laptops and computers from companies like Acer, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, HP and more. Acer, for example, is updating its range of gaming laptops and simplifying its Swift series, with all of them getting 13th-generation Intel Core processors, alongside design refinements. Meanwhile, LG is updating its Gram series of super thin and light laptops with — you guessed it — 13th-generation Intel Raptor Lake processors. The new Gram Style is a mere 10.99mm or 0.43 inches thin, and has a so-called “hidden” trackpad that has LED backlighting that illuminates when you touch it.

Dell usually shows off some compelling concepts at CES and this year it’s catching our attention with an update to Concept Nyx. As a refresher, Concept Nyx is the company’s vision for a server for your home that can let you play games on various screens around the house. The update this year is a new accessory, and senior reporter Devindra Hardawar, who has already checked it out, called it a “truly baffling PC gamepad.” He even says “it’s like the Steam Controller 2.0, but worse.” Check out his hands-on to see why, and stay tuned all week as we bring you all the news from CES 2023.