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Chaos Audio's multieffects guitar pedal links to your smartphone

It combines a digital pedal board, guitar tuner, metronome and more.

Chaos Audio has unveiled a digital multi-effects guitar pedal on Kickstarter that could be ideal for budget-minded users or beginners. The Chaos Stratus marries a customizable digital pedal board, guitar tuner, looper and metronome, all controlled by the Chaos smartphone app that runs on Android and iOS devices. Much like Hotone’s Xtomp, it allows for a simple setup with just a single pedal, guitar, amp and mobile device.

Chaos offers a “continuously updated” selection of pedals through an online library, including classic effects like reverb, overdrive, flanger, auto-wah and fuzz. It also lets you chain together multiple effects in any order, while controlling what the knobs are set to. Once you get an effect just so, you can use the app to create pedal board presets and access tools like a guitar tuner and metronome (both of which use the LED strip), along with a looper for basic backing playback.

Chaos Audio Stratus bluetooth multieffects guitar pedal
Chaos Audio

"Think of it more as a computer than a stomp box,” said Chaos Audio CEO Landon McCoy. “Stratus has all of the amenities guitarists have come to know... from other smart devices including internal memory, a rechargeable battery, USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0 and a functionally aesthetic LED light strip used for the tuner and other tools." It can also run on DC power and has quarter-inch input and output jacks.

Chaos Audio is looking to raise $25,000 to get the project off the ground. The price starts at $199 for the super early bird special and goes up to $299 for a custom, laser engraved Kickstarter edition. It’s set to launch on November 1st, with deliveries starting around July 2021. As usual, be aware that pledging money on Kickstarter is a leap of faith, as you may pay and never receive the product. You can check out the preview Kickstarter page here.