Chevrolet Bolt EUV review: Bigger is better

Solid range and Supercruise make up for slow charging.


The Chevy Bolt has had an interesting history. It beat the Model 3 to market but never came close to the sales numbers of Tesla’s offering. Then a refreshed, larger Bolt EUV arrived that had a serious issue with its LG Chem batteries that caused fires, leading to a massive recall. Long story short, it’s been a ride.

Well, the batteries have been replaced and the larger Bolt EUV is finally making its way into driveways. We took the Bolt EUV for a week-long spin and came away impressed with what Chevy is doing. The Bolt is built on an older EV architecture, meaning it can’t charge as quickly as newer electric vehicles on the road, but it comes in at a price point that makes the vehicle a compelling proposition for those that are looking for an EV that doesn’t break the bank. Watch the video below for the full story.