Chrome 88 makes it easier to manage and change passwords

A dashboard lets you check how many weak passwords you have.

Dado Ruvic / reuters

Google has released another Chrome update for Windows, Mac and Linux, adding some personal security features that should keep users a little safer online. If you use Chrome's built-in password manager — which isn’t our recommendation, but it’s better than using the same password everywhere — you’ll now have some extra options. You can check if you have any weak passwords, for instance, by selecting your profile picture in the browser, followed by the key icon. (Alternatively, you can type chrome://settings/passwords in your address bar.) Select “check passwords” and you’ll see a breakdown of accounts that need updating.

In addition, Google is giving users a single place to update all of their Chrome-managed passwords. “You may want to update multiple usernames and passwords easily, in one convenient place,” the company explained in a blog post. “That’s why starting in Chrome 88, you can manage all of your passwords even faster and easier in Chrome Settings.” The feature should be available now on desktop and iOS, ahead of an Android roll-out in the near future.

As How-To Geek notes, a bunch of smaller features have also been introduced with Chrome 88. If you have dark mode enabled on Windows 10, various Chrome-built pages, such as Bookmarks and History, should now have darkened scroll bars. FTP support has been fully removed, including the hidden Flag setting, along with support for macOS Yosemite. Google is continuing to test light and dark themes on Chromebooks, which can be enabled at chrome://flags/#dark-light-mode, along with a Tab Search feature for Windows, Mac and Linux users, which is accessible via chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search.