Circul+ packs an ECG sensor into its heart-tracking ring

It's less smart than its rivals but the heart-monitoring is more comprehensive.

Bodimetrics / Prevention

Bodimetrics is today announcing the second-generation of its Circul heart-rate monitoring smart ring, the Circul+. The updated wearable, co-branded with Prevention Magazine, is one of the first smart rings on the market that includes a built-in ECG within its small body. As well as the ECG, the device offers continuous heart-rate monitoring, finger temperature and blood oxygenation readings. Bodimetrics adds that it has worked to ensure that all skin tones will get accurate measurements while wearing the ring, as well.

Hewn from stainless steel, the Circul+ packs a 20mAh battery that the company says is good for 16 hours of service on a charge. And it’s clear that the device isn’t really as smart as some of the other devices that are designed to be worn as rings. Instead, it’s doubling down on giving you accurate cardio stats, with the app letting you decide if you want to track stats during an exercise session, or sleep.

Rather than a full ring, the Circul+ has a boxy section which is designed to be worn on the underside of your finger. When you want to take an ECG, you place the tip of a finger on the other hand on this section in order to complete the circuit.

The Circul+ will be available from WalMart priced at $299.

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