'Clean Energy Charging' is coming to iPhones this year

The feature will optimize charging times based on when the power grid is using greener energy sources.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

Even though iOS 16 is only just in the hands of most iPhone users, Apple has already revealed some details about what's ahead for the operating system. A feature called Clean Energy Charging, which the company will roll out in the US as part of an update later this year, will optimize charging times to take into account when the power grid is using more sustainable sources of energy. Apple says the aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of iPhones.

The feature complements the Optimizing Battery Charging option Apple introduced a few years ago to maximize battery health. With this setting enabled, your iPhone will figure out your daily charging routine and limit the battery's charge to 80 percent until close to when you're going to start using your iPhone (or Mac, since that has the feature too).

In addition, iCloud Shared Photo Library is coming later this year. That will create a separate iCloud library that up to six people can access. Apple will also introduce support for the Matter smart home standard once that becomes available sometime this fall.

Those with an iOS 16-compatible iPhone now have access to a boatload of new features, primarily to do with personalization. The Live Activities function should make it easier to track certain things in real time, such as the status of a delivery and sports scores. The option to edit and unsend messages in iMessage will be a big deal for many, as will the ability to copy and paste an object from one photo to another.

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