Cowin's $80 soundbar splits in half for easy surround sound

It's not quite a giant Kit Kat but it's close enough.


Soundbars can make setting up a great home theater system relatively easy, but they still don’t match the full immersion of a true surround sound system. To remedy this, JBL showed off a 9.1 bar at last year’s CES with ends that could be snapped off into two additional speakers to be placed around a room. This year Cowin goes even further by breaking the entire soundbar into two separate pieces.

Cowin Soundbar

The Cowin Soundbar is a wireless 25W unit that can be placed under the TV like a normal speaker, but also broken into two Kit-Kat-like segments that can sit vertically on each side of your screen. Or you can place the halves on a table or mount them horizontally on opposite walls — flexibility is the key here, especially as it’s not tied to a central unit. It supports Bluetooth 4.2, but if you’d prefer a wired connection it also sports AUX, optical and HDMI ports.

At $80 it’s certainly a great price — JBL’s Bar 9.1 may support Dolby Atmos, but it also costs $1,000. Cowin’s option should be good for those testing the waters on a home theater setup, as well as anyone setting up a playroom or den. The Soundbar will be available from Cowin or via Amazon some time in the the first quarter of 2021.

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