Crunchyroll launches a 24/7 anime channel

The channel will be on Amazon's Freevee and Roku Channel.


Sony’s Crunchyroll is introducing an around-the-clock streaming channel that features English-dubbed programming of various anime shows. Animated television programs like Code Geass and PSYCHO–PASS will be available to stream on third-party platforms like Amazon Freevee, LG Channels, The Roku Channel and VIZIO WatchFree+.

The new channel is a collaboration between Crunchyroll and GSN, or the Game Show Network, which is also owned by Sony Pictures Television. The expansion comes as the company recently announced its efforts to dabble with online gaming with a One Punch Man PC and mobile game. More importantly though, Crunchyroll’s move can be seen as an attempt to fend off streaming giants like Netflix, which is continuously expanding its anime offerings. Though Crunchyroll dominates the anime streaming space, the company is likely hoping the free ad-supported offering will attract more premium subscribers.

Last year, Crunchyroll lowered its fees for its premium subscription program in select countries. That strategic play that might have made the company’s offerings more attractive to anime fans hesitant to sign up for yet another streaming service. From the outside looking in, it may have worked. When Sony bought out Crunchyroll in 2021, it had roughly five million subscribers and 120 million registered users when the deal closed. As of March this year, the number of paying subscribers on Crunchyroll more than doubled to 10.7 million, according to Sony’s full-year 2022 fiscal report.

While other niche services like Curiosity Stream and AMC's Shudder are continuing to make inroads, the latter despite significant layoffs late last year, Crunchyroll likely sees an opportunity for growth. Especially as other more mainstream services that don't serve the anime community as well continue to raise prices.

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