Crunchyroll is lowering monthly subscription fees in almost 100 regions

The Mega Fan plan is dropping by 25 percent in the UK and nearly 90 percent in India.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

Crunchyroll is changing prices for users in nearly 100 countries and territories, but not in the way you'd probably expect. Instead of increasing the cost of monthly subscription plans, Crunchyroll is lowering them to offer users "even more value." The move could help the anime-focused streaming service attract more subscribers too.

In the UK, the Mega Fan plan (which allows for offline viewing and up to four simultaneous streams) now costs £6 per month instead of £8. The lower-tier Fan plan is £5, down from £6.50. Users in India will see a far more significant price decrease. Instead of $10 USD per month for a Mega Fan subscription, they'll pay 99 rupees, which converts to around $1.25. Meanwhile, users in Brazil will save around 37.5 percent each month and those in the United Arab Emirates will pay nearly 50 percent less on a monthly basis.

Crunchyroll's announcement includes a full list of countries and territories where it is lowering prices, including European, Caribbean, South American, African and Middle Eastern regions. There are some notable omissions, including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Sony bought Crunchyroll from AT&T in 2021 and folded content from Funimation into it earlier this year. Given that Crunchyroll is the go-to streaming service for anime fans, it wouldn't have been surprising to see Sony bump up the monthly fees. Instead, it's making Crunchyroll more competitive against the likes of Netflix and Hulu, each of which have anime offerings but have increased prices over the last year.

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