Crunchyroll will pay you $30 for violating your data privacy rights

A class-action settlement against the anime streaming service totals about $16 million.

John Keeble via Getty Images

You could be entitled to a small chunk of a $16 million class action settlement against anime streaming service Crunchyroll. The Sony-owned company settled a data privacy lawsuit this week that will result in about $30 settlements for individuals impacted, according to firm behind the class action.

The complaint, filed in September 2022, claims that Sony shared individual Crunchyroll viewing information with third-party sites without user's permission. That means Google or Facebook might have seen your anime watch history without your knowledge. It's a violation of the Video Privacy Protection Act, which makes it illegal to video streaming services to disclose personally identifiable information without the individual's consent. Crunchyroll denies wrongdoing.

Anyone in the US who used Crunchyroll services between September 8, 2020 and September 20, 2023 could be eligible for the settlement. Claim forms can be submitted online, and must be turned in by December 12 to receive payment. Or, if you don't agree with the settlement, you can object by November 27 and attend the hearing on December 19. If you do nothing, you forfeit your right to any settlement amount.

The settlement coincided with Crunchyroll news that it would be launching a 24-hour news channel.

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