Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together team up for a creepy-cute crossover

There’s a new game mode, special characters and items.

Devolver Digital

Two of the standout indie hits of the past few years are Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together. Now, the pair of critically-acclaimed darlings are teaming up for a new game mode, unique in-game items and even some character cameos. This crossover impacts both games, though each receives different perks.

The biggest draw here is a brand-new game mode for Cult of the Lamb that’s directly inspired by Don’t Starve Together. The appropriately-named Penitence Mode ups the stress factor by giving your lamb protagonist the same mortal needs as your cute and poop-obsessed followers. In other words, you have to eat and shelter yourself, in addition to providing for your cult. You are given the same options as the criticality-acclaimed traditional game, so you can eat meat and veggies, or go at it Yellowjackets style (cannibalism.)

The games also now share some items to create a unique look, so you’ll be able to unlock decorations in Cult of the Lamb from Don’t Starve, like pig heads on sticks, and vice-versa. Look for new chest skins, tabernacle decorations and more.

Finally, there’s some characters making their way through a “crossover portal.” Webber, from Don’t Starve’s Reign of Giants DLC, is now an unlockable cult member, complete with a new “never hungry” trait so you can save that grassy gruel for someone that actually needs it. Additionally, Don’t Starve’s lamb-like ewelet critter/pets are getting even, uh, lamb-ier, thanks to clothing and design options inspired by the other game.

The update is available now for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The developers also note that a major content update is coming soon to Cult of the Lamb and that Don’t Starve Together will continue to receive more content in its ongoing From Beyond story arc.