Cyberpunk 2077's free 2.0 update arrives September 21

It comes out a few dates before the Phantom Liberty expansion.

CD Projekt Red

Before CD Projekt Red releases Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion, it will first roll out an update that brings massive changes to the action role-playing game. The developer has announced that update 2.0 will be available starting on September 21st, and it will be free for everyone who already owns the title. This patch adds new skill trees and perks that weren't previously seen in the game. It also gives the universe's police system a revamp, so that it operates on what the developer describes as "clear, simple rules."

Criminal activity in the game is punished, with cops going after runners and killing individuals afflicted by cyberpsychosis with no questions asked. The game's interface will now show how likely the cops are coming after a player through a Heat system displayed on screen. Those who reach the maximum level of Heat — 5 stars — will encounter a Max Tac mini-boss experience. If they choose to run from authorities, they'll get into car chases and road blocks that they'll have to escape. In case the cops manage to catch them, they will not be able to surrender peacefully or bribe their way out. But if they manage to shake off the cops, then they'll know when they're no longer being chased when NPCs start leaving the scene.

Update 2.0 also gives players new ways to take out enemies from their vehicle. They can now shoot their weapons from the back of their motorcycles and through their car's windshield or out of its side window. They can also use new mounted weapons for certain nomad cars. Meanwhile, netrunners can hack and take over their enemies' cars and make them explode. In addition to all those, the update also comes with UI and UX improvements, new loot, crafting changes and new radio stations.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, on the other hand, adds a brand new storyline, characters — including one modeled after Idris Elba — and quests to the game. It will be available on September 26 and will cost players $30.