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Introducing Engadget's Dads and Grads gift guide

All the gear to make their lives easier (and maybe more fun).

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We made it to June, friends! And the Engadget team is very excited to launch our first-ever Dads and Grads gift guide. We know that celebrations are hard right now -- hard to pull off and sometimes hard to enjoy -- but we don’t want to forget about our amazing fathers and our equally awesome new graduates. Celebrating them both in creative ways can give everyone involved, yourself included, something to look forward to.

We want to help you do that with our eight buying guides full of useful and fun gifts for dads and grads. Our product recommendations run the gamut from practical to playful: tools to help new graduates start their “adult” lives on their own, gadgets that can turn dads’ backyard into a grilling haven and lots more. We also know that money is tight across the board, so we included gift ideas under $50 for both dads and grads so you can celebrate your loved ones while sticking to your budget. Our hope is that you find a gift that will make the life of your recipient easier or more enjoyable because -- let’s be honest -- we could all use things like that right now.

Engadget's 2020 Dads and Grads gift guide

Dads and Grads gift guide

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The best gifts for grads under $50

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