'Death Stranding Director's Cut' arrives March 30th on PC

We've got a needus for Reedus!

Kojima Studios

Two and a half years after Death Stranding, the genre-bending action adventure (and spiritual successor to Paperboy) from acclaimed director Hideo Kojima, hit Playstations and PCs the world over, the most definitive version of the game so far has a firm release date for PC. Death Stranding Director's Cut will arrive via Steam March 30th, 2022.

Kojima Studios had previously announced that the new version would arrive at some point this spring but with Thursday's news, gamers can start getting their delivery muscles limbered in earnest. Being a Director's Cut doesn't just mean that players will be treated to even longer cutscenes. Existing PS5 players already have access to new weapons, missions, boss battles, and a racing mode while newly-minted PC gamers will get those bonuses as well as be able to leverage Intel's Xe Super Sampling for improved graphics and performance.

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