'Destruction Allstars' for PS5 asks why 'Rocket League' has a ball

Think 'Twisted Metal' but not as twisted.

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Destruction Allstars
Destruction Allstars Lucid Games

One of the many titles shown off during Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase was this one, Destruction Allstars. It seems to take Rocket League-like arena vehicular action and turn the dial on the mayhem all the way up. You’re not trying to bump a ball into a goal, instead it’s a destruction derby where drivers are only trying to take each other out.

The cars and drivers shown have a lot of personality but it doesn’t quite take the spirit of another PlayStation exclusive game, Twisted Metal. Instead it’s leaning toward the flashy entertainment side of things as opposed to a darker world filled with flame-spitting murderous clowns. It’s developed by Lucid Games, who previously worked on titles like Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and Need for Speed: Payback.

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